Davide Diliberto e Manuela Bucci have worked together in the Consumer electronics field as consultants for Indesit Group and they have been involved in automotive, graphics, communication and photography projects. Now they manage their respective design studios and their vision.


Manuela Bucci began working as a product designer at Cini Boeri, Aldo Cibic and Makio Hasuike’s studios, where she absorbed such a strong Italian Design heritage. Then starts a profitable collaboration with the renowned Zagato coachbuilder, working for important clients such as Siemens and Telecom Italia. Here she met Davide Diliberto and they start a strong partnership until 2014. Since 2006 she enter the Indesit Design Team, specializing her skills on User Interface up to now. She currently work in her milanese studio in several fields and she is also Chief designer at Luca Boffi furniture brand.


Davide Diliberto was initially involved into the car design field and still he collaborates with Italian magazines, then he started working as product designer at Zagato and other design agencies specialized in Consumer electronics. After the partnership with Manuela Bucci, he decided to focus on projects where shape is the main aspect, accessories, taps and lighting. Since 2016 he is involved as art director with Salice Paolo, for which he designs most of new products.