Giuseppe Pollii, now teacher at Liceo Artistico B. Luini in Cantù and at Accademia di Pittura e Restauro in Como, began having a strong success as artist from 1962, getting a lot of gratifications as the First prize Miami Fla USA and as the prize Presidente del Consiglio A. Moro Santhià in 1966.

The most important exhibition he had taken part is the Esposizione di Grafica Italiana Istituto Culturale di Montevideo Uruguay.

Since the beginning of his artistic production, he had in mind the environment, the natural elements, the human evolution and the archaeology.
He applies his artisan techniques and his original language in Eolica Collection of SALICE PAOLO, treating with care and attention every single article (from handle to knob to switch cover) as his little work.