They got the Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture at Politecnico in Milan and opened in Cantù a multidisciplinary atelier of architecture, industrial design and interior architecture in 1977.
Their work is characterized by the constant pursuit of formal abstraction through the study of shapes , their location in space and the connection between elements that build an architecture or a design object.
In the field of industrial products design still work or cooperated with Aico , Aran Word, Feg, Fimes , Jesse , The Carpenters , Marac , Bontempi Group , Confalonieri , Formenti and Giovenzana , Group MisuraEmme Novamobili , Inda , MobilGirgi , Pamar , Porada , Willow Tree, Tumidei , Ycami , Lema , Calligaris, Tomasella Group , Roche Bobois group .
In architecture field they realized many projects for public and private use , and have dealt with the renovation of religious buildings of great artistic and architectural value .
They live and work in Cantù.