Paolo Salice

...the man

Salice Paolo-class 1911-lost his father when he was still young and he learnt to manage in the difficult period of the two wars. 

Thanks his strong will and his dynamic temper, he established in the mid -30s his first mechanic firm, in complete autonomy.

With few means and some valid collaborators, he realized home-furniture, but only after the Second World War his ideas found new strength and impulse, creating an important reality in Cantù.

His wealth of ideas, together with his infinitive passion, becomes the melting pot of new starting points for the firm.

The Company was born

...the origins

In those years the furniture production spread from bed to handle, having a lot of success. We produce products, which mirror into the ideas of the society. In this context, "Serie Classica" becomes famous, thanks to new young minds of Scuola d'Arte in Cantù.

Designers, wood carvers, refined chisellers: their hands mould some Salice products, which still now have a great fame.

His production goes to the hands of his son Bruno, able to continue his performance in the business and in the object study, concentrating on decoration hardware.

Classic handles have been created at the turn of 40ties and 50ties, taking advantage of the knowhow acquired in the machining of brass.

Thanks to these deep artistic roots the firm SALICE PAOLO born together with its philosophy. The real elegance is in the sense of measure, in everyone stylistic choice, also for the most hazardous. In fact, it's the refined sense of measure that drives our business choices from the beginning.

This is for all our customers, in order to give them not only a pair of levers, but unique objects for their needs.

Salice Paolo today

...evolving tradition

Technology, culture and craft skills come together in a full range of styles and finishes, positioned at the high end of the market.

Our goal is to get together technology and artisan culture, in order to reach the quality for our products; taking care of particulars, thank you to  the attention to materials and to the work of our human resources.

In the production line of the factory in Cantu automated systems , alternates to manual processes and controls carried out on each individual product in the main steps of finish, in order to guarantee a high and lasting quality over time

In recent years Salice Paolo is implementing its lines with all the elements and accessories that allow to furnish a room in full and meet all the practical and aesthetic needs of its customers .


Now in its third generation, the Salice family is driving the brand to major changes, in accordance with its tradition in defense of a genuinely Made in Italy production.